Celebrate Miracles Not Mediocrity: My Miracle Healing

I no longer to subscribe to any 1 single religion anymore, but I still watch online church services with the church I used to go to. And this beautiful angel shining bright star little girl here was performing to Whitney Houston’s “Who Would Imagine a King.”
Every time I watch the end of her performance, I cry because she’s healing the little girl in me with her miraculous talent; she is a gift to the world. (Note: I had an amazingly loving & supportive home life with the best parents a child could need. Life is full many many other people and scenarios though, that affect children. The world is rough and that is where the little girl in me is healing.)

miracle healing

If it’s not truly important in my life, learn to stomp it out:

This being said, I recently got really upset because I’m seeing some Black people that I totally usually agree with everything on, make posts to defend Taylor Slow with this NFL issue. So anyway I was going to post just a few sentences venting about that, but you know, that’s enough what I already typed.
Just let the crap be dead. What I just said is enough on the matter. I am working on just venting into the air or something and that way, my words and feelings about these useless matters will all disappear eventually. But the more I sit and write and think about the issues and give them time to imprint in my brain…then noooo, it’s not worth it to give it power in my life. Moving on up!
So instead of consuming more info about this useless crap, I decided to remember and focus on the fact that there are beautiful little angels like this baby below, & how she has blessed my life with her angelic dancing. She, and all other Black children, are just as important as anyone the media obsesses over.
Black erasure is a form of violence. It erases our humanity and existence. Therefore, in order to keep my peace I choose to love on my blackness loudly and proudly. And unapologetically.
I love these particular lyrics:
And the angels were singing your name
That the world would be different ’cause you were alive
That’s what heaven stood still to proclaim
One day an angel said quietly
That soon he would bring something special to me
And of all those wonderful gifts he could bring
Who would imagine, who could imagine
Who would imagine a king


Earlier today I was on patio singing the lyrics above 🤣😸Unfortunately I’m a terrible singer, but if I could sing, you would get tired of me posting my singing to Black children. I can’t sing it, but the words above still apply from my heart and soul, to Black children.

miracle healing

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