Exploring Spiritual Gifts and Unrest: In the Beginning

This is the beginning of me chronicling my journey and experiences as it relates to therapy, healing, and spirituality. That’s why I added the “In the Beginning.” Isn’t that cute👼🏿
For the past few months, I’ve been posting on social media (my nemesis) as it relates to my latest therapy journey. However, my therapy journey has led me, at the advice of my therapist, to think about how to handle my experiences, feelings, and thoughts from a spiritual point. I’ve always been extremely spiritual. However, there is most certainly a gap, a variety of gaps, warfare, and unrest that can only be settled by me connecting to the beliefs of my West African ancestors.

Exploring Spiritual Gifts and Unrest: A Journey of Healing and Understanding

My healing journey consists of me understanding more about my spirituality; and it needs to make sense to me. It shouldn’t be confusing. Complex is one thing, but confusing is another.

The conflict for me is that the teachings and my understanding of spirituality from a European Christianity interpretation, just doesn’t add up for my personal satisfaction and experiences. Something is missing. Certainly, some of the European Christianity teachings make sense. This can be said of every religion or faith, because everything is kind of interconnected and borrows from each other anyway.

But for me at this point, so much more is needed. So, while it’s not important to many other people to me is all that matters and I cannot dismiss how I came to be an American. That matters. It wasn’t a cute little spiritually peaceful experience.

It’s not far back in history at all, that the largest, forced movement of human beings took place in history. So while we are trained to dismiss it all and say “Well I’m here now. That’s all that matters.” Well, for some of our bodies, much more than where you are now matters. Your DNA is your history book.

To “get here” it took millions, tens of millions, most likely hundreds of millions of m*rders, t*rture, etc. Unbelievable and unimaginable. I don’t dismiss this voyage on a physical level- on a mental, emotional, academic, scientific, historical, psychological, or biological level; any of it.
However, I am still not defined by those atrocities. I’m so much more. The greatness within my bloodline has never been able to be erased.

And also however, I still have some type of spiritual awareness related to those voyages, and the plantation conditions after, and the conditions to this day. Energies or unrest or I don’t know what it is, but as it relates to both human and animal suffering that is due to injustices, I have a spiritual awareness of such. It’s not anything I’ve ever been taught, nor have I asked for. It just is. And it is difficult.

Even with all that being said, I have been gifted a very beautiful, charmed life in so many ways, and I’m extremely grateful. I just need to feel less pain when it comes to world injustices against people and animals, past and present.

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