Unveiling Hidden Figures by Empowering Middle School Minds

Originally written on Facebook, April 15, 2017, back when I had my African-Centered Education Program. Since then, I realize that the movie has a white savior narrative and does other things to help whites feel comfortable and like they just needed to be “nice” and that was enough to not fight like they should against racial terror. But that is often the case when Hollywood gets hold of a story.)

I bought Hidden Figures and am hoping/planning to show the movie to middle school students, at the school I’ve been guest teaching at. The cashier was sooooo excited; she said she’s about to go home and watch. She talked about how much she loved it.

The cashier shakes her head in agreement.

I said, “I always knew we were never a dumb race like the world tries to portray us as…but I didn’t know….” (I couldn’t get my thoughts together, so she completes my sentence and assuredly says…)
“You didn’t know we were this smart.”
I said, “Ohhhhhhhh, now, I always knew we were this smart, I just didn’t know that about this exact story, the NASA contributions.”
She said, “The students are going to have a lot of questions.”
I said, “I’ve got to prepare.”

I was kind of taken aback that she was sure that I might not have known that Black people were such geniuses. It made me remember, that many if not most of us are brainwashed to think that way.

(As with any other race), we do have a lot of short-comings as a race, but smartness ain’t one. We’re brilliant.

Now, I have been brainwashed by whiteness in many ways (no one is immune), but black brilliance wasn’t one of them.

I have to remember that it is extremely common for many Black people to think they’re inferior in one way or another.

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