Angel Halle: Black Girl with the Black Girl Hair

There are so many things to be happy about, Simone Biles, the Montgomery Swimmer Kid, and Angel by Halle! I have a hard time keeping up and posting quickly enough. Just last night I started this post about about Halle’s Angel song and before I could finish the post, I learned about Simone’s awesome return & then the Montgomery thing of Black people finally fighting back against racists. And that boat is really named the Harriet? WOW. And that boy swam brilliantly like he’s part of Ariel’s family.
I swear, it was all better than a movie.

Okay so back to Angel:
“Angel” is a self-empowering piano-driven track that delves into the experience of growing up as a Black woman in this world.

Halos for Halle: A Collection of Heavenly Comments

“Whatever you’re selling, I’m buying!!! Whatever music you’re making, I’m listening!!! Whatever film you’re acting in, I’m watching!! Halle Bailey is to be protected at all costs, and supported, ALWAYS!! I’m not into celebrities like that, but Halle is special…she’s different…she’s angelic!! She has TALENT!!!”

“I truly love your song you are forever angel. You can sing and love your vocals and how show expression in your faces and outfits are stunning. I am so proud of you and all the amazing work you do. I watch mermaid and you did outstanding job thankyou for doing that.”

More to Come!

This “Angel Halle” post is in my blog category titled “Planting Seeds: Dear Black Children & Teens”

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