Building Unbreakable Inner Peace

I was watching my usual church service online. January 21st, 2024.

I no longer subscribe to Christianity or any single religion. One reason is because being Black is completely ignored. However, I’m still listening to the messages and trying to apply the messages specifically to the challenges that come with being Black in an anti-Black world.

This quote from the pastor made me stop and rewind over and over:

“If we’re not careful, we will give the world, the best version of ourselves as we have been made by the world.

But God didn’t create us to be in the image of the world, he created us so that we can be in the image of Christ. You can’t give what you haven’t received so we can give intellect but not Christ because we haven’t experienced if we haven’t experienced Christ, so once we experience Christ, God wants us to give Christ back. Give that experience back to the world.”


So I am trying to apply and reflect on this statement above and apply it to my life in my experiences and my beliefs as it released to the way I experience injustice, racism, sexism, all kind of harm against animals….it goes on and on and on. Okay so it talks about the word “experiencing.”

For this church, “Experiencing God” is the theme of the year; and I like this.

My Experiences

So let me think about what  I have been experiencing lately: a worldly torturous soul crushing level of pain and grief and trauma from the depths of my deepest breath. The suffering and unrest that I sometimes feel is mostly related to world injustices, specifically anti-black racism/terrorism since this is the area where most people in the world are adamant, downright addicted to justifying anti-blackness, and violence and discrimination.

This includes the never-ending negative stereotypes that so many Black people also believe about blackness…but never about themselves. How does that work?


My focus needs to be on me, and not others. Things will never be the way they should in this world, so I have to focus and amplify the grace and mercy that I have experienced in my own life.
There’s not going to be peace in the world, so I have to tap into every level of peace that already exists within me.



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