Jolting Journey of Recurring Dreams

Part 2 of 2
(More about my warning dreams). Tons and tons more examples…
Now, the exact details don’t always match up & won’t be important. Let’s say, the warning dream may be that something terrible will happen to someone at xyz place but instead the terrible thing will happen at another place.
The key elements will be that pain and suffering are coming their way or it is already here.
One night…it wasn’t even a dream. I guess something was about to go left so quickly that soon as the person left my presence, the warning came… “They are going to be attacked by this other person.”
Of course I didn’t believe or want to believe it. Hours later the victim came and said they were attacked.
In that moment, I was thinking, “I got the warning so that I can be more prepared to handle the information.” That’s kinda what it seems like…I was able to stay more focused, be supportive, and not go over the top when I got the news
I’ve become more skillful at what to do if I have a disturbing warning dream…
first) it depends on who the person is. Of course this doesn’t happen with celebrities lol or predicting natural disasters, lol. These are usually very personal, even if I have not seen someone in 25 years, even if I will never see them again. All that’s needed is for me to know they exist. Even if I’ve never met someone, if they have a deep connection to someone I have met, then I can still sense things about them

2nd) sometimes there is nothing to be said or done. I would just dream (with the feeling of sickness) that something has happened to someone before I’m actually told about it

And I do wish it could be good things. Like why can’t it be like “I dreamt you went on a beautiful island vacation” LOL
3rd)This is not a daily thing, or even monthly. I have no idea when it’ll happen, and I can’t turn it on or off….it just happens, a whole lot.

(I no longer ignore my warning dreams)

So instead of continuing to deny the dreams, I try and find ways to bring up my concerns to people & check in, but without fully stating the dream’s content. Speaking the content out loud is way too disturbing & something I instinctively know not to do, and of course I’m human and can never be 100% sure of the future.
If it’s a future we don’t want I’m surely not speaking it
And sometimes it’s not the future, sometimes it’s things that are already happening but it’s happening in secret.

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