Black Teen Life Stories: As Vital as Bible Stories

Life stories of Black teenagers are just as significant as narratives found in the Bible.

I was listening to a church service & they were mentioning how much they need help with reaching young people, which would ultimately help reduce crime.

If you’re trying to help young (troubled) people and you’re focusing on religion, the Bible, scriptures etc.

Start by showing and telling them that their own personal story is just as important as the stories in the Bible. David, Jacob, Mark, John, Luke, Matthew and so on.

If Christianity is your approach, then you have to apply the Scriptures to each child’s individual life!
That’s how well you need to understand the Scriptures and how well you need to listen to the children you’re trying to work with.
Young people are dying or walking around in a body but dead inside, because no one is listening to them. No one is talking to them.

You’re talking AT THEM.

You must 1st let them know they have a right to speak up and speak out for themselves.
And that their story, and life is just as valuable and special to the world as the stories in the Bible.
It’s not 1945 or 1985 anymore when I grew up.

You have got to meet these young people where they are.

They are way too smart for old techniques based on fear, control, age and authority.

They are freakin’ GENIUSES. Smarter than all of our old behinds.

You can’t force your religious, political or moral or any other views on them. God means different things to different people.
Your view on God, scriptures and all that are yours only. You have to respect their views and experiences.
Once they feel respected by you, only then will they trust and welcome you in.


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