Black Girl Peace from Social Media Bullying

From Taraji P. Henson’s wonderful, authentic and positive show “Peace of Mind:”
Recorded in 2021
“Clapping Back to Social Media Bullying with Chloe Bailey”
Chloe Bailey opens up about how the hurtful comments and backlash she received on social media impacted her mental health and how she’s learned to deal with the bullies while staying true to herself. Beauty influencer @Okaysophi shares how the relentless bullying she receives both online and off has driven her to contemplate suicide. Therapist Dr. Ayanna Abrams shares tools to help all of us set social media boundaries to keep our peace of mind.”

This is a video that can definitely bring some awareness, comfort and ultimately healing.

The therapist Dr. Abrams stated the same things that my therapist said in regards to social media bullies. In summary, they have negative life experiences that they need to deal with (they don’t deserve our sympathy though for hurting others), and most importantly, victims of social media bullying have to realize that these people can’t be changed. No amount of arguing, videos, facts, etc, will ever make them behave the way they should.

The only thing that we can control is our own feelings, response, and behavior to the attacks. We’ve got to find the power to control our own narrative, and not let the crass comment sections redefine our truths, love and life.

However these skills take time to develop and it is especially difficult to do for young people like Chloe, beauty influencer OkaySophi, Halle Bailey and so on. Young people in their 20’s and teens do not know who they are yet, so the world’s outside messages can be extremely crippling for them.

The Aunties of the world like me, (Auntie as in older, nurturing Black lady), as much as I want to physically fight all the bullies, and not just change the world but completely destroy this one and rebuild a new one the correct way, we just can’t do any of that to help our young ones through. If I could, I would try to shield their innocence from time.

(The Rainbow)
So a part of my healing and power, has always been to use my own voice, talent, creativity and so on to nurture, uplift and empower those coming behind me.


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Black Girl Peace from Social Media Bullying
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