Raven the Rose Queen: Girl in Red Dress with Red Roses

Imagine a book, or short story about Raven the Rose Queen. Imagine, an animation, TV Show, or movie.
TV shows/movies are not necessarily healthy at all for developing and empowering young Black minds. In fact that they do the opposite, unless you have very solid parents influence.
But this is where imagination and dreams come in. Imagine creating your own show!
Adults and teachers, after your children or students create a show or write plot or just create anything to bring Raven to life, make it a special event.

Invite parents & other kids. Pretend the story is an actual TV show. Wear costumes. Bring flowers. Bring food. Have music.
Make it a garden show. A photo shoot. The possibilities are endless!

There’s nothing that Hollywood and the media provide us that we can’t do ourselves. Well, unless you care a lot about special effects and all that. To me, the emotional & logical aspects of “entertainment” matter the most. 

Too much anti-Black negativity and damage has already been eternally done by Hollywood, the media and social media; which are all just different pieces of the same system. Dear Black Children & Teens, you can break through & create your own magic! You are worthy in every way. You’re the most creative beings on the planet.

The entire world imitates the way you talk, walk, dress, and dance. And we haven’t even gotten to the music part yet.
The world extracts from Blackness, while being antiBlack at the same time. I’m over it. This is exhausting and not worth debating about. Just get up & go do something fun and great for yourselves. Create for yourselves! 

Don’t forget the popcorn.
——————–Rose Queen
Rose Queen. She can turn the roses red, blue, white, yellow or whatever color she wants 🌹🌹🌹🌹She can also change their sizes

Fantasy writing; Movie ideas; TV show ideas.

Rose Queen AI Art

Check this out! I looooove it with all my heart & soul. Imagine if all Black kids had the chance to perform like this; however, I’m thankful for these children being able to be free!

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