Spirit Dreams

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So spirituality is a topic my therapist keeps mentioning for me to work on for my healing. For me, I need to know more about my distant ancestor’s beliefs before slavery.
(I’m not crazy by the way). Not demonic. Not a “dark” spirit. Fact is Native Americans and all other people are allowed to keep their original ancestral spiritual practices as respected and sacred. Black slaves were the only people who were forbidden to keep their original practices. Gee, I wonder why. (sarcasm)
And are the only ones still called demonic if we ever dare to steer from the slave master’s teachings. Gee, I wonder why (sarcasm again)
Nothing about me is demonic
It’s just my life. That’s all.
(Warning dreams) (Spiritual warnings)
I think almost everyone has had warning dreams that came to fruition, but for me, it’s the frequency.
(How it started, in my late teens/early adulthood)
I would keep having recurring dreams that a person close to me is about to become ill.
I would brush it off….just a dream, they’re fine, etc.
So basically, when this person got sick in real life, the dread and worry I felt in the dreams, would be the same feeling in real life, like an exact pinpoint. So it forced me to remember and acknowledged the dreams.
This would be so continuous through a few more years. I started learning how to decipher which dreams were regular bad dreams to be ignored vs which dreams were….and this was my title “warning dreams or spiritual warnings.”
(Warning dream vs regular bad dream)
The warning dreams would usually be very brief, intense, realistic and here’s the kicker…I would wake up feeling what I described as “sick in my spirit.”
After this happening so much, that’s when I would start to be better at determining whether a dream had some truth to it.
One time I started having ‘warning dreams’ about someone else, and I would wake up with that sick feeling. And I would be like no, no, no this cannot happen. I refuse to believe that this is going to happen. There’s no logical evidence etc
And what you gonna do? You’re not gonna tell someone “Hey, sometimes my dreams predict the future” 🤣 and I keep having a recurring, disturbing dream about you & your family.”

I’m not gonna ever do that.

So what happened was I just kept denying the warnings and telling myself, it’s just dreams.
Well eventually, the warning dreams again, turned out to be true. Very accurate.
So when this unfortunate series of events happened, I finally told the person. I said, “I just….I had no idea how to say something was wrong, but what’s happening now, is exactly what I kept dreaming about.”

Recurring dreams. Recurring warnings. Waking up feeling incredibly sick.

So, I know this sounds like premonitions or prophecy but I don’t understand all that. Chile I just be trying to live my life, get some rest and sleep. 😸
All I know is it’s extremely difficult to handle this, and it’s not like you can stop the unfortunate events from happening.
And it’s not demonic. What I’m describing has been happening to some people since forever. It’s older than modern religious labels.
It’s just something that is. Not meant to be rationalized and certainly not rationalized and labeled from “superior and chosen people” teachings about things they themselves don’t understand
Because like I said in the the previous post, I started to realize that sometimes some people are unusually nice to me, too attracted to me. Some people sense something & they become very drawn to me.
I’ve also had so much unusual favorable treatment in many cases (not on my jobs though, lol, horrible times on my jobs)…more stories I’ll get into later.
(Another example of a warning dream)
When I was pregnant, some unfortunate situation was happening and people were texting me. I was sleep when I got all those text messages and my husband deleted all those messages cause I was pregnant and he didn’t want me to worry. Because I’m over the top anyway
Time goes on, and the people who sent me the texts were wondering why I haven’t brought up the situation. My husband sure wasn’t gonna tell me upsetting news cause he was all about protecting my health.
Eventually, and dang I can’t remember the exact details of what led to everyone figuring out that I never saw the texts.
But we were now in person and they started telling me what happened & wondering why I didn’t respond to the texts & not bring it up in person…and I said “Please stop, don’t say anymore, I already dreamt it. I know what happened.”
I felt so much hurt and devastation in my dream, I didn’t want to hear more details in real life, especially being pregnant.
Any distressing news seemed like it was upsetting my baby.

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