African Spirituality is the Key to My American Healing

(Part 1 of 2)
While Psychology kinda has an explanation for empaths, there’s so much more that can’t be explained and that’s why I’m learning about spiritual beliefs of my ancestors. (Actually, the concept of empaths is not something that has a concrete, scientific explanation. However, I find it interesting that it is a concept that is accepted by academics since it’s so inexplicable.

The whole point of exploring my African roots is to gain a better understanding of my inexplicable, logic-defying experiences as it relates to being an empath and even something I keep sensing that is deeper than being an empath. And what I’ve been learning makes so much sense to me. Of course, I can never know the exact beliefs of my West African ancestors because I’m American & that root has been cut. I’m at peace with that though. Practices change and evolve so I’m fine just knowing what can apply to me today.

It took me 2 years to be spiritually ready and not afraid to start reading about what my own ancestors believed in before slavery taught them what to believe in.
(Animals) ❤☀
It’s so me. Not just loving animals but seeing animals as having an equal right to life, equal right to exist in peace. Knowing that animals have their own separate divine place in this world, separate from humans.
Many ancient cultures believed that animals can bring divine favor, like how the Egyptians worshipped a cat goddess, lol. So they loved cats!
I can go on and on.
Laws make it okay to kill certain type of animals (deer, alligators, sharks etc) but not others (usually dogs in American society). Makes absolutely no sense to my spirit
(Cute story) 💜
I look back and realize animals have often seemed to be calmer around me. Watch I’m gonna bring myself bad luck now & get attacked by an animal lol
One day I was at the park feeding ducks (didnt know at the time but they shouldnt eat bread), so they were acting aggressive with lots of people but with me they would calmly walk up to me and get really close.
Someone who knew me said “Dang even animals like you and treat you better.” I was like yeah I know, they are being nice to me, as this duck was looking in my face lololol

It’s the same way with children. And even more interesting, adults of all races and genders, and ages, sometimes seem to be very attracted to my energy or something when I’m out in public. Of course, not everyone thank God, I’m just saying I got some stories, about why are so many people so extremely trusting and nice to me.

Some people have told me “You have a light. You have a gift.”
There’s always another side though, with gifts come problems particularly in this type of culture built on racist hatred, genocide etc
I was good at, and need to get back into nature photography. One reason I was really good at photography was because I could see the art, beauty or “story” if you will, that most people overlook. I get it because I used to overlook it too when I was all about school work.
My ancestral cultures believed that nature….trees, moon, soil, sun, the wind etc and certainly the water, rivers, lakes etc….my ancestors believed that all these things had their own energies & purpose and were guarded or controlled by various spirits.

Makes sense on a spiritual level for me.

It’s also bringing healing and comfort to me.
Part 2 of 2 can be found here.

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