Halle Bailey Joins Jimmy Kimmel

I just watched the Jimmy Kimmel interview from December 7th and I loved this quote from her: “I’m a clingy little sister who always needs her big sister.”

#blackselfcare That’s such a beautiful gift and shows how she has so much divine worth, divine love and divine joy that the loud aqua tr@sh can’t ever take away. Despite all the attention the racist media gave them, they are still losers.

#blackmermaid My comment on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube page before I watched the interview:

“She is beyond amazing. Overqualified for the role of Ariel. A real life mermaid especially since Black mermaids go back hundreds of years before The Little Mermaid.”

Finally, Queen Halle thanked Jimmy Kimmel for having her on his show. He should be thanking her.

Ummm, he is no Jay Leno. I’ve never watched him before.

Some people in the comments said he kept asking about Beyoncé and Oprah too much. Very True. She was so incredibly angelic throughout and I just know I couldn’t be in that industry because he would have known I was annoyed with him

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