The Obsession with ‘Black Accountability’ is a Form of Anti-Blackness

Believing there’s a need for ‘Black Accountability’ is rooted in anti-Black sentiments.
This anti-black obsession with “accountability.” Black people are held more accountable than anyone else. Hell, we are held accountable and judged and suffer for offenses that we ourselves didn’t even commit. Also, make one mistake and the world lynches you about it for years.
Give me a fuckin break with this “hold each other accountable” BS.

“Hold the Black community accountable” BS.

Hold your own damn families accountable, start there, particularly in your childhood.
Children are supposed to be exposed to beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, loving, caring, amazing Black people in their developmental years.

Otherwise, they grow up with the same virus in their head as the rest of the world. The virus is that any time they have negative experiences with Black people, they frame and share their experiences by using the person’s Black race as the primary factor in telling their stories.

Fuck that. People can tell their sorry ass stories without using a person’s blackness as the villain.

This is exactly why the media says “Cops shoot unarmed BLACK man” because the media controls people’s zombified minds & they know that these world war Z folks gonna see the word “Black” and then they gonna immediately demonize the person.

Contrast the public response with: “Cops shoot unarmed FATHER of TEACHER or MAN.”

The public response will initially be one of concern, sympathy, change needed etc

But when they put the word “Black” in there, they already telling the world that this person deserves the “accountability” judgement, punishment, and death.
So STFU & hold yourself accountable.
Wanna call out toxicity? Fine. But baby you better inform yourself enough to be prepared to call it ALL OUT, on every level, top to bottom.
Totally my fault for getting into an argument on FB about this. At least it’s been a while since I’ve engaged in such online nonsense.
I’m doing great at making these instances more and more rare. Go me. Focus on my own healing.

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