Learning Patience When You Want Life to Give You Lemons

After a week inside I got my lemon tree back outside today and the bees are going to be so happy about this. I’m looking forward to watching the bees again. Butterflies would come too but they won’t stay long when it’s full of 10 or so bees.
Look at the very center of the flower, and you can see the tiny tiny beginning of a possible lemon. I’ve been taking care of this tree for almost 4 years, and we should get some lemons this year, I guess.
Learning Patience
Amazing thing is the winter storm back in 2022 killed my orange tree 🙁 and killed this lemon tree, even though I had them covered up, it was still wayyy too cold.
There was one tiny stem that survived the lemon tree and from that 1 tiny stem, it grew this entire new tree.
Winter blast 2023/2024 I’m not taking any chances and brought the tree in, plus I had to cover it up because it’s poisonous to Luna and she wants to dig the soil and eat the leaves etc. Pure cat!
So I lifted the cover up the other night, to remind it that it’s going back outside soon lol, and I saw that the flowers had blossomed! In the house….under the cover. So cool. Nature always finds a way

-Originally written on January 22, 2024

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