Winning in a World that Keeps Mental Health on a Battlefield

Soul Healing: The Power of Therapy, Medication, and Self-Care in a War Zone World

Therapy is needed & if it’s the right type of therapy and right therapist, it is amazing and brings lots of healing and insight. Make that appointment. ❤ There are people like me though, who also need medication.


I had just about given up on both therapy + medication because the results were so minimum, after 35 years🤣 of me seeing a variety of professionals & doing every type of self-care self help in my power. Every professional I see be like “Baby you need both therapy plus medicine, not 1 or the other.” Well damn lol. I already know!

In combination with therapy, antidepressant, etc this new medication has tremendously helped with my rage (due to world injustices etc) & quick mood swings due to how bad the world is. It’s new and it works on both serotonin and dopamine. I’ve seen a big improvement.

It’s some heavy duty medicine for messed up people (hey it’s the truth-I’m included, you are messed up if you need this type of medicine). People with schizophrenia, bipolar, and dementia patients with rage. It’s also for people with treatment resistant major depressive disorder.

It isn’t an anti depressant nor anti anxiety which don’t do anything for me.

Way back in the past I got too stressed pressuring myself, losing my mind because I was about to make 2 “Bs” in my teaching program when I only allowed myself A’s. (Unless it was high level, advanced science and math then I allow much
worse grades for myself lol).

During this time I was also overcome with shock & grief from Hurricane Katrina. Some of us online back then, before social media became what it is today, we were literally trying to help people find their family members.

So I had a mental break and they put me on 7 medications at one time,😲😲 and it didn’t help.

We do not want to go back down that road again. So with the state of the world getting worse and worse I was becoming more critical and needed something to help simmer me down.

Already had a lot of world trauma but when 15 year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was murdered by cops and the whole Internet/media/society in general agreed with the murder…that is when I reached a more critical, dangerous level of grief, hopelessness & rage.
Angel MaKhia Bryant
It become a fight for do you really want to stay on this Earth? I only stay because of my family and friends. I’m being honest and they already know this.
It’s a terrible world….
My doctor and therapist will be glad to hear that something is helping me. They gotta keep up my bloodwork though.
And it costs like $300 even with insurance just to get bloodwork done

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