Scientific Racism Doesn’t Define My Divinely Made Body

The Poisonous Legacy of Scientific Racism: Unmasking its Role in Ailing Societies

High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc are not “Black diseases.” I’m wonderfully made. I’m divinely made. My body is not cursed. My body is not a disease. White bodies are not perfect, even though that’s what society and science trains everyone to believe, without even realizing it.

What is cursed, is global anti-blackness & scientific racism, which lead to increased stress, which cause low immune response, releases cortisol and other harmful body chemicals which cause higher death rates among Black Americans.

However, being Black in and of itself, is not a disease. I’m grateful that I don’t have any chronic diseases. Bad health problems though, can affect anyone at any time. Regardless of your diet & exercise.

Making certain diseases predominately a Black thing to blame Black people for,😡 takes the blame from the true roots of the problem (greed/capitalist environment) & is a big reason why people of all races and ages and even all income levels, are suffering with more sickness than ever before and dying younger and younger.

  1. Health Disparities Extend Beyond Race: Contrary to the misleading notion that certain diseases are inherently tied to race, health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer do not discriminate based on ethnicity. The perception of these as “Black diseases” is a result of ingrained biases perpetuated by scientific racism.
  2. Unveiling the Impact of Anti-Blackness: Global anti-Blackness and scientific racism contribute to increased stress levels among Black individuals. This chronic stress leads to a weakened immune response, the release of harmful chemicals like cortisol, and ultimately higher death rates among Black Americans.
  3. The Fallacy of Racial Purity in Health: Challenging the myth of white bodies as perfect, society and science have intentionally propagated the idea that certain racial groups are more prone to diseases. This misguided belief obscures the true roots of health problems, diverting attention from the impact of a profit-driven capitalist environment.
  4. Health Is Not Determined by Race Alone: Acknowledging the complexity of health, it’s crucial to dispel the misconception that being Black is synonymous with having a disease. Chronic health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their racial background, emphasizing the need to address health disparities on a broader societal level.
  5. Root Causes of Sickness: Blaming specific races for the prevalence of certain diseases serves as a distraction from addressing the true underlying issues. By focusing on greed, capitalist environments, and systemic inequalities, we can work towards dismantling the structures that contribute to widespread sickness and premature deaths across all demographics.

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