Despite Worldly Labels-I Know Who I Am

–I’m Black (and would never ever change my color even if you paid me), but I’m Black only because deplorable whiteness took the place of god and start putting humans in color categories. Before the 1700s, there used to be no concept of white people or Black people.

–I’m African, only because deplorable Europeans invaded and gave that beautiful, massive land such a funny sounding, soulless name (Africa).

–So in order to really find the best thing to call myself that is deeper and independent than labels made up by oppressive, warmongers who have created nothing but have immensely succeeded at “kill, steal, destroy.” They came, conquered, and won.
I’m more than those historical labels.
I’ve finally figured it out. I’m indigenous. That means I’m native to the land. I’m a village girl basically.

(This explains why I always like playing in dirt as a kid….lol, I’m joking slightly)

This is something that cannot be taken away from me, Nor can my indigenous connection be labeled, categorized, controlled, nor over-studied by unethical academic researchers who have an insatiable appetite to exploit their negative findings and compare my indigenous identity to deplorable whiteness.

The media will never be able to demonize thousands of indigenous groups. SO it is much easier to group us by physical appearance, slap some (Black, African, African-American) labels on there & promote their dangerous narratives that’s been circulating the globe for the past 2000 years.

With the constant assault on the concept of “Blackness” it is very necessary to detach and look at the tens of thousands of years before Black and white labels, and focus on terms that people called themselves as related to their language, cultures, land, and belief in higher beings.

I’ve always felt this way, but could never put it into words because there was so much confusion and pain.


Here are 30 West African indigenous groups:

  1. Bambara
  2. Hausa
  3. Fulani (Fula)
  4. Yoruba
  5. Igbo (Ibo)
  6. Mandinka (Mandingo)
  7. Wolof
  8. Songhai
  9. Tuareg
  10. Akan
  11. Ewe
  12. Ga-Adangbe
  13. Mossi (Mossi people of Burkina Faso)
  14. Fon
  15. Ashanti (Asante)
  16. Mende
  17. Temne
  18. Fante
  19. Senufo
  20. Dagomba (Dagombas)
  21. Nupe
  22. Ijaw
  23. Kpelle
  24. Kanuri
  25. Bobo
  26. Gullah
  27. Tiv
  28. Efik
  29. Gurma
  30. Igala

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, as there are numerous other ethnic groups across West Africa, and thousands across Africa.

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