Kate Middleton and the Myth of “Bad Black Health”

Let me first say, yes, bad health is a thing. Bad health is a human thing. It’s science, it’s fact. However, anti-Black racism is not based on facts, it is based on ideology, beliefs, myths, emotions, feelings, experiences and things of that sort.

Facts don’t matter when it comes to racism or any other form of hatred. If you stick to the facts only, we know that ailing health is a part of life. I was about to say that we will all face ailing health as we become elderly but even babies are born with horrible health problems. Children get sick. Athletes, so on.

Diseases obviously do not discriminate based on age. If you have a body, then you’re at risk for various problems with that body. We are made of atoms which make up cells, our building blocks to life. And these building blocks do not know race. It’s been this way since before racist race categories were invented around the 1700s.

Human societies have existed tens of thousands of years before race categories were invented. 

Now, everything in this wretched withering world is based on racist race categories, and thus, Blackness is always erroneously linked to bad health and bad everything basically. So while bad health is certainly a part of life, “bad Black health” is a part of the lies that come with living under an anti-Black regime.

I didn’t know anything about Kate Middleton drama until today when someone I follow posted about her diagnosis. Other than that I have beautifully filtered my timelines and life so well (YAY ME) to where I didn’t even know anything was going on the past few months regarding them.

Kate Middleton seems like a very sweet person. I have a soft spot in my heart for William & Harry cause we saw them have to grow up too fast when their mother died. And I’m not leaving out Meghan Markle. ❤

This being said, I’ve always been tired of the medical community, media, and academic community always saying “Black people have higher rates of this or that and die the most from everything, blah blah.”

And Black people eat it all up & believe the worst about other Black people and have lots of self hatred “Soul food is killing black people” stupid crap. No it’s not!


Basically, Black bodies are always compared to whites, as if they are perfect angels. As if they are God. That’s ludicrous. Diseases do not discriminate!!
I’m Black & Divinely Made.

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