A Desert Escape with Sunshine Therapy

I’m so glad it’s been warming up some. I love spending time on the patio, with Luna, birds flying by, my lemon tree, and butterflies depending on the time of year. Not that we have a lot of freezing days here on the Gulf Coast, but when we do they sure do leave their impact.
So my Desert Escape Succulent has been in the  kitchen window for winter. It’ll go back on the front porch when it warms up. desert escape


When I opened the kitchen curtains I saw how blue the sky was and how much sun there was, so it reminded me to water my plant. When it’s grey and gloomy it’s a little harder to be in the watering mood. I took a close up because I was trying to get a good view of the water droplets!
I’ll need a macro lens to be able to capture the water droplets the way I envision; however, this still came out very lovely!

Sunshine Therapy
After taking the photo, I headed on the patio to chat with my cat Luna, and after quite a few grey and freezing days where I could stay out there just a few seconds, when that sun hit my skin it felt amazing. I took my chair so I could sit directly in the sun (since some parts of the patio where still shady and cool).

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