These People are the Stench of a Thousand Seas

Alright. This is temporary fighting for me but I want to do it and leave results.
I’m certainly not going to keep posting, reading, engaging etc. I just want to share some examples of the way racist cave beasts should be handled around the ‘net.

They would slither back into their caves then.
But the entire world is their cave, the Internet is their cave with the exception of very few places.
I knew that creating Black Ariel Forever would be challenging. I just want to show how Disney, Hollywood and the rest of this weak withering world should handle anti-black hate speech! (Of course I know Disney won’t make the type of posts I make but there are plenty of things they should have done to protect Halle.)

Somehow the entire world stops rotating when there’s anti-semitism or alleged anti-semitism. On the other hand, the world can’t function without anti-blackness.

  • Ashley ReedBlack Ariel Forever get a real profile then talk shit how much of are you go to bed I’m sure it’s your bed time
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  • Black Ariel Forever AuthorAshley Reed I have a real profile, this is my new business page of several that I have. Silly goon. You look so young and like you wouldn’t be such a kkkave beast. You don’t deserve those precious animals, I can imagine how you treat them.

    Your ancestors got you twisted up. I know they start yall off as toddlers and teach you how to be race terrorists before you learn your ABCs. They don’t love yall. The current elders in your family don’t love yall like how I love Halle! You wish you had that kind of love. Instead what you have is people who rally around you based on hatred for Black people. That’s psychopathic.

    I don’t know why you types choose to stay in the country my ancestors built but I wish yall would take a long walk on a broken pier.

    You look young & I do admit after looking at your photos I would never have guessed you were so hateful, anti-black and shriveled up inside like an old prune. It’s your ancestors’ colonizing and murderous blood running through you & diluting what’s left of your poor little soul.

    By this time next year you’ll be sunburnt, spotty and wrinkled while Halle will still be a BEAUTY QUEEN swimming through the ocean and stars with her BLACK GIRL HAIR.I love being a Black woman like you would never believe, because you don’t know love & you only believe in hate. Now pretend that you never saw my beautiful Black artwork above and don’t say anything else to me again.

When you clapback at psychopathic racists and when you got my kinda mouth they lose their ability to form a coherent sentence. That ought to be proof enough how inferior they are. I wish the media would stop giving “their opinions” so much attention and coverage. It’s why I felt compelled to start this page. I know the media mostly ignored all the love & praises Black Ariel received, all they focused on was what cave dwellers had to say. Who gives a fk!

I’ve been black since the 70’s, I’m old, I don’t give a flk what racist people think however I don’t want to keep seeing that on every site I log on to try and read about the movie. So again that’s why I started this page also.

I know the media is the #1 spreader of light skin supremacy & the media only exists to keep this type of anti-black hatred strong. The media don’t ever talk about people like me…they always talking about racist people & continue to embolden them.

Alessandro Favaretto low life trash. He can’t determine what species he is. His is fixated on monkeys, since he’s nothing more than a glob of cells that failed to develop into anything meaningful. He keeps posting monkey photos. That bitch wish he was a monkey because then at least he would have a reason to live. As I see it now, he’s a loser and waste of Oxygen. If I could take all the Oxygen from this racist and give it to all the world’s precious monkeys I would.

Let him gasp for air! Let him gasp for air until his blood cells, tissue and organs become deficient and starved.
Speaking of monkeys and evolution, I’d say Alessandro is definitely not Homo Sapien and should be classified somewhere along the lines of pre-historic Insectus.

And that poor kid, see I took the time to cover up the kid’s photo because I have nothing against children. If you’re a racist who goes around posting multiple monkey photos then there’s no way he’s treating that little boy right. That poor kid.

Alessandro, you’re not fit to be a big brother. You’re not fit to be a son. You’re not fit to live. All you know how to do is post monkey photos on social media. Hoe if you were a monkey, they would be an improvement to your stank DNA pool. Enjoy the stink bug for lunch…

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