I Choose to Leave Bears Out of the Nonsense

There’s no way that race should be left out of that silly scenario floating around. For women at the top of the predatory, I mean social power structure, their fear is not warranted enough for discussion nor is their fear systemic. Anyone can come across a terrible person. That’s a basic human fear, even the same thing goes for animals.

However, white women do not have any systems preying on their very existence.

Enough with their fake fear. As a Black woman I will never place myself nor my fears in any of the same categories as white women. I am not the same as them. I have nothing in common with them (on a systemic level.)

I have real, true fear! Not some silly social media game in which they log off, they know their whiteness will protect them from virtually, almost everything man-made.

Thankfully I’ve done very little reading and virtually no engagement regarding these so-called damsels in so-called distress.
Anyway…moving on and spending as little time possible talking about other people. I’m over it & prefer to focus on my own life stories!
I posted this on FB:


Some years ago 1 time I was actually in the woods 🤣, at an educational event, we were there as stargazers since I love astronomy, photography, and nature.


I was happy & calm at first but it wasn’t until it got dark that I started looking around at everybody and realized that I could not find any more Black people! 🤣

The trauma is sad but the story is still funny.

I could not see much of anything, and definitely couldn’t see face details because it was almost pitch black, but I could only see skin color, and noticed everyone was white & they were the only things out there that were not hard to see.🤣
I think I saw 1 person who looked mixed and that made my heart stop racing a little but that wasn’t enough.

I now realize that I was basically having an anxiety attack. I got the hell out of there. I did not care that there were also lots of women and children; I was the only Black in the woods & my ancestral trauma, instincts, and common damn sense kicked in & I rushed to my car and left.

I was so scared driving out of there & I didn’t know my way out so I pulled over & was frozen in fear until another car came and I followed them out.

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