Staying with Spouse During Hard Times is Not “Struggle Love”

The 4 Tops, Bernadette song, a Black man singing to his Black woman: “They’d give the world and all they own
For just one moment we have known”
Now that’s the type of Black Love I’ve witnessed and thus I knew I deserved it too. And I have it ❀
❌“Struggle love” is yet another abhorrent, unintelligent, anti-black topic that’s spread from social media zombie to social media zombie.
πŸ’”Financial struggles do not equal struggle love. If people think financial hardships = “struggle love”, then they have built their relationship on the wrong thing.
πŸ’”In this day and age, financial struggles will absolutely happen to the average, normal working class couple. Even if you have your own business
πŸ’”There will absolutely be job loss/firings, struggles finding a job, wage theft, student loan debt, medical emergencies, car accidents, hospital stays. Babies!! Everything definitely gets way more complicated when you have children!
Lord, pregnancy itself is extremely expensive and you ain’t even had the baby yet.
πŸ’”Heaven forbid the life-altering conditions such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes, mental illness and so on.
Taking care of your spouse through those terrible times is not struggle love. “Richer or poorer, sickness and health, for better or worse.”
πŸ’”Depending on your illness, life insurance companies will refuse to cover you even if you can afford the payments. That’s so cruel and unethical
πŸ’”Health insurance is broken
You never know what you’re gonna come to. Ever.
πŸ’”In my world, money is not a god, but it is a necessary evil. Money is absolutely 100000% critical for life, health, mental wellness & even after death, money still be mattering.
Money is critical, hell even cats need to be bringing in some money with how cute they are, lol, but money should not be weaponized.
This whole capitalist system is not how sustainable, good healthy life is supposed to be.
😑The Internet is always full of Black people weaponizing their experiences and opinions against other Black people. Every damn topic. I can post a topic on Algebra (one of my favorite subjects), some Black folks gonna have something anti-Black to say. UGH!
They do this because they think white folks are the standard. They think that white is superior and that your only purpose in life is to be more like white people.
It’s a global, centuries old sickness actually. I’m grateful that I was provided with a lot of armor against such a war.
You would think with all the knowledge and history just being a click away, that these people would be able to break those generational mental slavery chains.

🌷🌹❀ For Black women who want to be in love & married to a Black man, while money is of course as important as oxygen; remember:

πŸ’”you still can’t marry your way out of the perils and bloodshed & unforeseen struggles of American capitalism.
Life will life.

Struggling on some level in this system has nothing to do with financial literacy, nor with “being Black and accepting struggle love.”

🌷 I’m not kidding when I say go listen to those Motown lyrics & build your foundation on that type of love.

This bears repeating though, lol…

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