The Spirit of Surya Bonaly’s Smile at Me

That night Surya Bonaly smiled & waved at my sisters and me, the memory & Spirit remains to this day! We were the only Black people in a crowd standing & waiting to get autographs of all the skaters. Their schedule was tight, time was running out, so she had to get on tour bus before we could get her autograph.


She looked at us through the window, only us, as we were looking at her & she waved & smiled, we waved and smile!! And I wanna say I blew kisses, lol, I can’t remember but somebody blew kisses. Maybe she did, maybe I did, I can’t remember but kisses were blown.✨


That’s the type of Black life stories that I have to hold on to during this time where I’m working through my trauma regarding how the warmongering media/WNBA/Collegiate Women’s Basketball etc behave like all the Black women basketball players should remain invisible and missing from coverage while they only focus on the white.


It’s no different than when a Black woman and white woman go missing under similar circumstances, around the same time, same age & so on, and the warmongering media only covers the white woman’s story.


The purpose of the media is to make Black people feel worthless and invisible.


It’s all a form of violence & erasure…it’s deadly and traumatizing and tiring. And the amount of Black people that ride hard for Clark further reminds me to stay on the path of cutting those racial ties and focusing only on my own life.


So to heal myself I have to look within and focus on the beauty of my personal life experiences.

Thanks Surya for seeing us Black girls out there that night & showing us that we were not invisible and that we mattered to you

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