My Cinderella Story

From 13 year-old me having that magical feeling after meeting an amazing boy at a party who treated me like a princess (heck goddess lol), to 26 year-old me having that magical feeling after meeting my husband in 2003 and having a Princess themed wedding in 2004
Black girls have fairytale stories too 👑 Not just trauma. I have the most adorable story from way back, 1989 🤣I was 13.

Listen the late 80s & 90’s moved fast. I certainly wouldn’t expect this type of teen story by today’s standards. For the record I was not allowed to talk on the phone with boys until age 15 and could not date until age 16. Best rule ever, to be honest.

And it was passed down from the previous generations!

So I was at a Greek Show (so I had on jeans, I wasn’t dressed like the girl in the image); and me & these other girls were dancing. Of course people stood around and were looking.
Black Cinderella
I was an average or slightly below average dancer so I wasn’t special in that regards.

Then, this cute boy, who was truly a gentlemen, came up and started dancing with me. How cute is that!? (I went back through my diary that’s how I remember the details.)

He treated me like a goddess the entire night, which was about 2 hours lol. He looked about 14. He stayed close by me, held my hand, asked me to dance some more, hugged me, asked me if I needed anything to let him know.

My posts get too long so I’ll finish this later…

In sharing my journey, I don’t want to just share the trauma and rage, but make sure I’m representing the full picture of how I got to be who I am today. The rage & trauma are just pieces of a puzzle…but they don’t represent the full me, they just represent the way I act lol

So….Well back to the adorable Cinderella story from when I was 13.


black Cinderella 2
I asked AI to give me a glass slipper lol
The guy was such a gentlemen because when he came up to dance with me he did not dance vulgar, plus he did not touch me.
Otherwise I would have hit him & cussed him out

His way of introducing himself to me was so romantic & adorable.


I wrote in my diary that the other times we danced that night, he was a great dancer but I was so nervous that I could only move my feet from side to side & snap my fingers 🤣I was basically just 2-stepping since I was in awe

a magical type feeling which would repeat itself the night I met my husband in person (after having an online crush on him for 2 years)

To be continued…

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