A Crowd of Thugs Taunt An Angel: Women’s NCAA Basketball

I’m handling this okay. I just saw that Angel was taunted by the crowd of thugs last night, that’s why I’ve been personally boycotting all sports, because of the rise of extreme racism in every single sport, with the media at the forefront and social media as the asylum.


I decided to try and watch some of the game, I stopped early in 4th quarter, it just wasn’t LSU’s night. But I’m heartbroken to hear about that crowd of thugs, & how she was so sad during the conference but let me tell you this, this is why I’m okay…and I’mma tell my therapist so we can keep up with my improvements…


(Silver linings). (Stopping myself from going into a rage)

Like I told my therapist, husband, anyone…I will always want to physically harm bullies & the media but I think life itself might already be doing that job with some people. They have to be miserable people that won’t know 1/10 of the achievements, love, joy, accomplishments as Angel, Sha’Carri, Halle etc

👼🏿Angel is gonna be better than okay. Her emotions were still raw so yeah she was sad then but she will heal spiritually and mentally, just as Sha’Carri, Halle Bailey, Chloe Bailey, Simone Biles, …catch my drift…all these young Black women having to remind the world that they are HUMAN.

👼🏿She will remember the love her family and friends have for her and she’ll find her peace again
😡 Last year & past years I was almost banned from every social media because I defended these young ladies. Bullies are allowed to harass, dehumanize, threaten these college kids just living their lives, but when someone like me speaks up & insults the bullies’ because I got a way with words and I throw some great insults out there…
I get hit with community violations so basically, eff all the platforms, I’m not going on the girls’ pages, but if hundreds of fans would band together on their pages to run the trolls away, that would be great so the ladies could at least have some peace on their own pages.

😡 Eff the media, sportscenter, all yall….wait let me get back to the silver lining…
👼🏿I have to remember and process through my emotions, I have to remember that since I follow all them on social, they seem happy, not 100% of the time but most of the time. And the fact that they are still loving their careers and being the best they can be, that means they’re winning in every way possible, even if I can’t see it all the time.
I’m on the outside looking in & I choose to believe that
These ladies are doing better than what I could ever know ❤ ❤


The only comments I’m looking for are comments about honoring Angel Reese, Flau’Jae Johnson, Sha’Carri Richardson, Simone Biles, Gabrielle Douglas, Brittney Griner, Halle & Chloe etc, well you catch my drift.
Let’s just post Good News in the comments!!


Posted before the game:
Flau'Jae Johnson Angel

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