“The Little Mermaid” Movie Night in the Park

My daughter and I got to enjoy not just Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid Movie Night in the Park, but it was a park by the Bay! How fitting.

The movie started at sunset, but we were there much earlier than sunset. This gave us time to enjoy some wonderful scenery:

Ariel The Little Mermaid

There were many little kids of course; and some parents were blowing bubbles for them. Oh how I remember those days. My daughter (now 13) used to love bubbles too when she was smaller. We smiled at each other & as I reminded her for the 1000th time “Ooooh when you were little we used to do this or that, or you used to love this or that or you used to act like this or that.”
Of course, the “big girl” time we are spending together is just as amazing and special. It’s just that those earliest little years go by so extra extra fast! I’m just so eternally grateful that I’ve captured and cherished every moment, big girl or little girl.
I captured this bubble before it burst!

The sun is starting to set

And so it begins!

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey


I kid you not; a few seconds after Ariel swims to shore and sees the fireworks, I noticed…fireworks way from far away! It was such a cool coincidence 

We left after Under the Sea since we had already been there 3 hours. We will definitely be enjoying more Halle Bailey Ariel movie nights at home and hopefully, in other unique places as well.

Iconic “Part of Your World”

Watch & You’ll See!!!

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