Successful Sha’Carri: From Start to Finish

After I finish copying and pasting my posts from sociopathic media, I’m going to just enjoy her win. The problem has been, for some reason FB is going crazy with that “Suggestion for You” crap, and showing crap on my timeline that I have worked hard to filter with cats wearing sunglasses, dancing birds and so on, lol!
Are they trying to be more like TikTok or something with that “For You” type of thing? I know who and what I want to follow. Anti-black idiots are not on that list. Large sites like Disney, NBC, etc who allow ray cysts (racist) trolls in their comments are also not on my list. Nice-nasty, “Congratulations, but”…..respectability condescending fools, also not on my list.

The past 2 days have been filled with so much trash on my timeline. It’s like FB knows what triggers me, knows what sends me off on the deep end, and knows that I’ll respond because frankly, it’s traumatic. It knows trauma will bring a rise out of me. This is not how I live!

I have a beautiful life, like my girls such as Sha’Carri, and Halle and Chloe and Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas & I have worked hard to keep miserable, useless people out of my sight, mind and timeline.

Where is Thanos when you need him? If I could snap my fingers. So I’m gonna have to make some more adjustments to make sure my timeline is filtered to be pristine and pure, or basically just reminds myself to “Post, go and don’t scroll.” Sick of these folks. I hate them!!!

Capitalizing Off My Own Content

So I’m going to copy and paste my rants from today onto my own blog. And then DELETE them from social media! I’m tired. Then, I’m also going to add some other smart people’s posts over here as well.
As for the negative weirdos, I really need to get back to the point where that type of trash doesn’t exist to me anymore. Off my computer screen, out of my mind, forever I wish. But they never ever shut up.

So even though I got really mad today, from coming across ray cysts regarding our mermaid as well as anti-Black Black people regarding Sha’Carri, at least I have some blog content quickly created. And again, I’m deleting the heated posts I made on other folks pages, I don’t even know them folks. And they’re not worth my comments.

My Posts from social media coming soon…..

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