Fix Your Own Family Instead of Criticizing Black Community

Note: I’m an advocate for Black children. Nearly everything society does in regards to raising and educating children is all backwards and harmful. It should all be torn down. So this post is certainly not about people “minding their business” or “turning a blind eye” in cases where a child or anyone is need of help. This post is not about refusing to examine and evolve as a race. Let’s be real, when people demonize the “black community” they are not doing it from a harmless place, they are absolutely always evoking all types of stereotypes and anti-blackness. So this is what the post is about: using anti-blackness to criticize Black people. Just needed to point this out because people love to bring up all types of false arguments to derail the real work that needs to be done.

To the world: Focus on improving your own family instead of criticizing an imagined black community

When you call people “a Black community” then you strip them of their humanity, their individuality, their own lives and stories. You reduce them to caricatures, stereotypes, puppets, and property that exist only to be controlled and profited off of, but never exist to simply live and be.
Well, I have a name. As does everyone in this so-called Black community.

People (including too many Black people) are always ravenously salivating over empty statistics, all of which conveniently and strategically place anything Black at the bottom of these erroneously funded, corruption driven “studies and statistics” that serve no concrete purpose to the betterment of humanity. Well, if there was any humanity left, then these so-called researchers would be required to include ethics, trauma, mental health, basic Neurology and other human components in their little numbers game to prove white as superior.
Who is researching the researchers? What kind of lives do they have? What makes racial categories And why are statistics divided into racial categories?
It’s all corruption. What’s most enraging is that so many people continue to quote anti-Black statistics as if it’s the New Testament, Old Testament, revised King James version or something on the level of eternal damnation or eternal salvation.

That’s all the majority of the Internet and social media is about, anti-Blackness. And I’m like….all you people have unhealthy, abusive, toxic family relationships, probably haven’t spoken to certain family or friends in years, and got the nerve to demonize some imaginary Black community when you can’t even repair your own families, households, marriages, schools, churches, coworkers, communities, cities, and states. But oh my….here come you experts regarding “the Black community” and what it needs to do in order to be more like “the white community” or “the Asian community.”

If any community was goal-worthy then there wouldn’t be all these wars that date back to the beginning of the ratchet creation of human beings. With the exception of some of us lovely, amazing humans, lol.
Seems like this Black community is not the only ones who need to be under intense worldwide scrutiny, trashy podcasts, think pieces, etc etc, where is the outcry for all the other millions of loves being taken by all groups of people? Only when the criminals are Black, do the wretched “let’s hold them accountable” people have something to say, have someone to stereotype, and have some community to fix.

Fix your own! I guarantee most people’s personal relationships are in disarray. People especially need to be making sure they are being the best they can be for their children and making sure they raise children without extra trauma of this world. But noooo, folks love to preach and teach about what “the Black community” should do. Can’t even define nor find this alleged Black community.

If there’s a Black community then there’s a white community. What’s the address?

And people always be like, “When are Black people going to hold each other accountable?” OMG, I hate these type of people. Black people are the only group that held overly accountable, from the racial profiling, to the harsher sentences, the media lynching, the social media brutality against any Black public figure for minor offences with no victims, my goodness the whole world wants their heads,…..making one minor mistake and then being either blasted away by cops, or blasted away by hate mongers so-called fearing for their safety…Black kids being suspended for eating potato chips….
You name it, Black people are held accountable. But we have this swarm of people including other Black people online who yell and yell about this myth of Black people not being held accountable.
My God….why is it like this?! Ugh! What more do these people want? Got entire billion dollar prison systems to hold Black people and only Black people accountable.

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When you love the skin you’re in…when you love your nappy hair, when you’re glad you were born Black because your first set of Black people in your life nurtured and protected you & growing up in an all Black neighborhood was fun in the 1980s. As time goes on and this horrible invention called social media comes along, then living in this anti-black world can be too much.

I have to focus on self first! I do and it’s always great when I do.

It’s just that the majority of the world of all races, Black people included, don’t focus on their own lives but they love talking about some “Black community”….there that’s at? Where’s the “Black community?” People need to shut up and worry about their own damn screwed up families, but they think they got solutions for “the Black community”self accountability

I gotta remember, to do like my therapist said in think of all this in terms of spirituality. My therapist said the majority of the world is not conscious enough nor spiritually aware enough to think on the deeper level that I (and other people like me) do.
There is nothing any of us who get it, nothing we can ever say to the zombies in this world, the problem is, they are so loud, numerous, and they control everything. They’re invasive. But, I have to keep working to keep their invasive ways from depleting my peace.
I’ve been improving tremendously lately, just had a few setbacks.It won’t always be this way….it will get better. I will be better.

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