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Start Your Inner Healing Journey with our Healing Journal Kit

I don’t like being troubled and down. I always do a variety of self-help tasks so that I can tackle what’s troubling me head on. I don’t run away from my discomfort, pain, or emotional stress. I look at it face-to-face and tackle it head on. Only then, am I able to be free, healed and delivered from whichever issue that has been punching at my soul.

It’s very often, “one thing or another.” Sometimes it’s minor annoyances, but sometimes it’s challenges that are very huge, overwhelming and crushing. At this point in my life, my healing journey is centered around anti-blackness. Yeah, the ole little thing that has dominated the entire planet for a good 2,000 years. Anti-blackness is as normal as breathing. Most of the world participates in anti-blackness without even stopping to think about it. It’s become a reflex at this point. Just like people don’t have to stop and think to breath, blink, or swallow, well anti-blackness works the same way. It is everything, everywhere, all at once.

That’s why I’m not torturing myself with making lists and trying to explain what it is. It is everything. I have to remind myself to decrease the amount of time I spend advocating and educating for human rights. Trying to be a positive force for change, really causes me more emotional damage and rage.
If a world is anti-black then it is also anti-children (of every race), anti-animal, anti-nature. So the suffering is incomprehensible.

If you don’t know, then, study for yourself. (Well, this is for people who are genuinely, good people who care about life and living.)

In the meantime, you most likely have your own pain point, some issue that just keeps nagging at you.
You have to do the work to figure it out and figure out how to move forward.
Always seek professional and medical advice. This Healing Journal Kit is not meant to diagnose nor replace professional help.

Start Your Inner Healing Journey

Problem 1: You feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start when it comes to processing your emotions and experiences.

Solution: The “Healing Journal Kit” provides a structured framework and prompts to guide you through reflecting on your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to gain clarity and direction in your healing journey!

Problem 2: You’re seeking time-saving techniques to effectively address and heal from emotionally challenging situations.

Solution: The “Healing Journal Kit” includes practical strategies and exercises that help you navigate through complex emotions in a focused and organized manner.

Problem 3: You desire a consistent tool to maintain emotional well-being and keep track of your personal growth.

Solution: The “Healing Journal Kit” offers a dedicated space for regular reflection, allowing you to cultivate a habit of self-care and monitor your progress, ensuring a clean and organized emotional space for your personal development and growth!

Start Your Inner Healing Journey

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