Following the Rainbow: Remembering My Nature Amidst Anti-Blackness

Feeling much much better about the anti-Black woman (WNBA) comments and behavior from Shaq, Barkley, Jordan, Lebron, can’t they just stick to the NBA? There’s a lot troubling about extremely powerful & wealthy men with titles like “Air” “Sir” and “King” all of a sudden becoming vocal about these underpaid, underprivileged, unprotected Black women of the WNBA.

Their comments, which I accidently saw, felt like a knife in my heart. I knew none of them ever cared about Black people, the shock was more like because this woman has all the protection, preferential treatment, & cult worshippers in the world, ever, did she really need the most influential Black men in sports to come to her rescue?

Oh and Whoopi included. She’s yet another one who never cared about Black people. I knew this, the rage came because their comments are in the same spirit of comments amount Sandra Bland, Breyonna Taylor, Korriyn Gaines, Ma’Khia Bryant and so on. The root of their comments is all the same: anti-Blackness.

It was enraging but let me tell you about my healing!! I’m extremely new to indigenous spirituality beliefs. So bear with me.

There’s Oyo, West African Goddess of storms & violent weather.
After her actions, comes the Rainbow Serpent, Ayida-Weddo (Haitian) or Osumare (Yoruba).

So I woke up this morning remembering, I am a part of nature! I’m divine. I’m fully connected to the divinity, energy, femininity and beauty of nature. That is what my ancestors need me to remember….who I am! Who I truly am. Something better than what’s of this anti-Black, anti-life, anti-nature world. 

The Rainbow Serpent (Traditional African Spirituality)

(The lady is AI art)
The photo insert is from 15 years ago when I followed a rainbow in my car, got out at 3 locations and took: rainbow reflection, double rainbow, and rare supernumerary rainbow.

I knew the rainbow was not “standing still” but it was my moving, driving around that made it seem like it was following me. As we know, a rainbow is not solid, it is an optical phenomena that will disappear very soon.

After I captured the double rainbow I literally watched as it started disappearing! But, by me having my camera ready I now have the rainbow’s gift captured on film, forever, though it was in the sky for only a few minutes.

Another lesson for me, is, it was the same rainbow but as my location kept changing, I was able to notice and capture all the different and rare gifts the rainbow had to offer: the rainbow reflection, the birds near by, the double rainbow, and the rare supernumerary rainbow.

Had I stayed in the same location, well, I would have missed out on the other amazing, divine moments that the same rainbow had to offer me!
Thus, with this WNBA issue, I’ve got to be sure to continue to move around and change my location, change my perspective to see all the beautiful, wonderful gifts that these ladies are still able to offer to themselves and to true fans like me….Who care more about them off the court than just on the court.

If I keep standing in the same spot where I’m exposed to so many toxic people & media, I’m going to miss out on the divine feminine energy that I not only deserve to experience, but I’m also a part of it.

Photos coming later!

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