WNBA Women Don’t Owe Clark a Damn Thing

But what I do owe myself, is to keep my self-care, healing and spirituality at the forefront of my life and mind, so that’s what this post is about. I could not care less about quoting the loud cult idiots out there, bringing up statistics, etc
High profile people, low profile people, no profile people….all cultified idiots

As Jewell Loyd said after scoring 32 points to lead her team against the Fever, “It’s never about them. It’s about us.”

Amen lady!

This is about me. Self-care, #1 priority. Self-care isn’t going to always be peachy & positive. The reality is, while I’m thrilled that that guhl has been losing, I’m enraged that her teammates are being harassed & I absolutely have been frustrated and disgusted by everything else going on surrounding this crisis.

To keep myself together, I came up with some pointers, 3 pointers at that, pun intended, to help me stay on track with my mental health

1)These other demographic groups, (white men, white women, black men, some black women, Asians and others etc) seem to have it all better & easier but once you peel back the superficial layers and look at their daily lives, those groups are not doing better on individual and family levels.

Seems like the very things they put out about us, all the “bad inferior statistics” about Black people, really is them too. (The exception is police brutality and racial discrimination. They do have advantages there, at the expense of genocide of other people. To me, that’s nothing to feel good about, but guilty.) But as far as them just frolicking through life like it’s a field of anti-blackness, that does not happen to them 

The media, history, all the statistics want us to think that way. And I admit in the very distant past, like 25 plus years ago, I used to think they were all happier since they lived in a world that wasn’t built against their kind.
Seems they would be…but they’re not.

If they were superior they would not be miserable, suffering, hateful, nor dying at the rates they are, from everything.

Their bad relationships, abuse, divorces, natural disasters, illness, drug use, financial problems…
Universal! The statistics are never shown though, unless they’re shown as being “better” than Black.

Of course Black people’s statistics will be worse if you compare a tiny 12% and over study them all day and night.
My life and many others, have not aligned with these horrific statistics. Some of us are just damn fine.

2)The reason some of us hurt and suffer more emotionally & spiritually is because we are in tune with life, love, nature, spirits, pain, and thus peace. So we hurt more because there are things to hurt about.

They, the majority (I mean the majority of the world’s adult population regardless of race), don’t hurt because they’re not alive enough. They are disconnected from all that is worthy.

Most are empty, soulless psychopaths and/or sociopaths.

They only feel what media/society feeds them but they have no spiritual connection or knowledge on a personal level. Thus, while their comments make me want to unalive them, I have to remember, huge parts of their souls have already been unalived simply because they are leeches sucking from a broken, sick society.

They have every major, powerful entity on their side from the justice system to God/Jesus to Hollywood, the media, politics, military, education, healthcare….chile, are they ever satisfied? They got all this built on anti-blackness and they’re still not happy.
Interesting. God is in your image and you still mad? Wow.
Maybe because it’s all truly lies

They still somehow think they are the victims of the world.
They have no connection to true nature, justice, harmony and humanity. The most accomplishment they ever feel is making our lives hell online.

“They” = anyone of any color or gender who buys into the dominant narratives of racial hierarchy.

3)Speaking of which, yeah I’ll give them that. They’re great at creating and controlling dangerous narratives, but you know why they still mad…
Because they can’t control the women of the WNBA!

They can’t control the victorious women of the WNBA & that’s why they’re mad and lashing out.
As much as I want to draw blood, I have to remember that people that are this delusional ( they think the WNBA women should bow down & thank their Caitlin Christ for helping the league)…imagine the level of delusion!

Imagine their level of delusion and destruction in their own personal lives.

Now that she’s not dominating like they said, they’re saying the women should just be grateful and let her score since she’s the only one people want to see. You cannot respond to that level of deliriousness. And I can tell you though I have read too many comments and I’m stopping that, I can tell you I have not responded to a SINGLE comment from the cult.
I only threw some insults back and some people the other night when they made racist comments but I in no way have touched the other type of comments

Yay me!
I gotta remember that these people are suffering in ways we’d never know. Certainly their relationships with their children, spouses, neighbors, coworkers etc are in shambles.

While we on the other hand, hurt more because we actually FEEL & care. Feeling and caring causes us to have stronger, more beautiful interpersonal relationships. We refuse to let fanaticism, and delusions of grandeur control us.

We think. We feel. So sometimes we hurt, sisters, but it won’t always be this way. We will see or hear or find that thing that’s gonna leap within us and make us feel the healing, health, & halos…

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