Inspiring Stories that Embrace the “I’m Not Back, I’m Better” Quote by Sha’Carri

Stories of “I’m Not Back, I’m Better”

I’m not back but I’m better because my dad recently passed away. We were very close. In his latter days I became his caregiver. I’ve always had some form of depression as long as I can remember. I have a beautiful nonprofit organization- Black Girls Are Beautiful Movement, Inc and an art and entertainment company called Kaleidoscope In Black. Well ALL of that fell by the wayside as I began to go on the journey of making my dad as comfortable as possible and feel the love of his family during this difficult journey. Now I’m coming back stronger than ever working with women of color to build up their businesses, and support our mental and physical health.

G. B. of Texas

I was homeless/ living with family for 10 years. I secured a job and a place for 3 years and now I am trying to start a T shirt business as a second income.
-D. E. from Ohio

I’m Better Because …I’m GRACED to understand the pain the struggles that others and I go through on a day to day basis….

Greetings , 15 yrs into Cancer treatments. And still going strong, The Best Spouse a girl could ask for without asking, birth 5 children starting at 14…weight gain ,face changed with medically induced Vitiligo, 2 brain surgeries, 7 seizures , 2 additional Cancer surgeries, 44 yrs from 8 mile Road in Detroit Michigan, Nothing But FIGHT NEVER GIVE UP….#FUCKCANCER!
-P.M. of Detroit, Michigan

Sha’Carri had braids and had a braided “star” design in her hair. So that’s why I added a star to this design. The image of the lady was drawn by a 3rd party. I added the text and the star. This simple design was so difficult for me to get right. I’m not a fan of creating text at all. So this is truly the best I can do in regards to pairing that quote with that image.

Shop and Make Zuri (Beautiful) Memories

Shop and Make Zuri (Beautiful) Memories

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Stories that Embrace the “I’m Not Back, I’m Better” Quote by Sha’Carri

  1. I am looking to purchase a sublimation printer for heat set T shirt prints and bulk T shirts.
    Have yet to build a web site but I am seeking info.
    Unsure if I need a trademark, and I will soon hopefully rebuild my personal credit in hopes to establish business credit.

    1. Have you thought about having an online T shirt store? I just create my designs and send them off to another company to print.
      But some people do love having the actual machines and doing the shipping themselves.

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