Sha’Carri Richardson: That Girl is Golden!

In those hating troll’s faces! For all you “rules is rules” brain popped punks who agreed with the unjustly and corrupt USA Track & Field and IOC baseless ruling to deny her the chance to compete in the forsaken Tokyo Olympics.

Fuc them Olympics! I refuse to ever watch again. However, I have continued to follow this gifted young lady and while she has always been doing very well despite the injustices against her, I’m elated that true fans like me have some track & field victories that we can throw in the haters’ faces!

She will always be a winner! On and off the track.

For Sha’Carri! The useless and corrupt IOC was wrong so I refuse to watch the Olympics again, and all the “Rules is Rules” people aren’t smart enough to realize that slavery was once a rule. So when they bring slavery back these same fools gone be tweetin’ “Rules is rules. Massa said we can’t tweet past midnight. I’ll be back online later.”

I used to love sports but like I keep saying, I stopped watching because of all the virulent insatiable appetites for Black people’s pain & suffering. And it comes from other Black people too. All races.

I get too involved and be wanting to fight people. I only had like 2 followers on Twitter so I never used it but during that Olympic crap I was defending Sha’Carri on her page and I managed to get put in Twitter jail or on Twitter restriction or whatever that mess is.

TikTok video by: Sha’Carri Daily

sha’carri richardson updates·7-8


“Ghetto” is not what you think. And Rules are NOT Rules.

To any of you who use the word ghetto as a racist slur towards other Black people when you’re Black your damn self and I guess you think your family was special and always allowed to live in a “good neighborhood”….I wanna personally rub this victory & how well she’s doing overall in your damn elitist, respectability politics wanna-be faces…

🦋SHE WON!! She won a race! I’m a stan (stalker + fan)🤣 so I get too emotional and overprotective of young Black people like her. There’s too much anti-blackness from the media, “fans,” the Internet, sports organizations and so on, from everyone…so I don’t even watch sports anymore because it had me arguing too much online and not able to enjoy the sports. But boy do I wish I could remember the name of this guy I was arguing with years ago about her.

He had the nerve to talk negatively about her…I was so heated I found his LinkedIN and saw he worked with abused boys. I’m like, so this young lady, still a child in many ways, lost her mother and you up here online being a bully? How could you possibly help abused boys with that type of nasty spirit.
Sha’Carri has always been a winner, whether or not she wins a race.

SHa'Carri Richardson Gold Butterfly
Sha’Carri Richardson Gold Butterfly

Angel Reese and Other College Kids

Written April 4th, 2023 from my FB page


I was so enraged yesterday when I saw the media and social media harassment of these literal, college kids. Just like with Sha’Carri Richardson, these are college kids or just kids period, that people harass.

I have to remember my self-care rules that I put in place for myself, which is…basically pretend these type of people don’t even exist.

So right now, I’m so glad I found about these lovely LSU ladies.

They are glowing.

They love who they are.

They are living their dreams.

And I’m grateful to have learned about them ❤❤

Will Smith

Written April 9, 2022, FB

(King Richard) I saw the movie 6 times. And as one of the biggest fans of the Williams sisters, and as a real fan who watched how their dad Richard acted on Live TV all the time, I did not think Will Smith could pull the role off. But he did. I love Will Smith, I don’t care what anyone says, even Jada. Hollyweird don’t deserve him.

I also partly think he was still in character during the incident. He became so much of Richard. He needs a break and I’m rooting for him.

Now, if we had the 24/7 news cycle like we have now, and if there was miserable social media people back then like there is now, then the media & social media would have destroyed Richard Williams and his daughters would not have been able to go down as the greatest in history.

All you gotta do is look at what social media did to those who came after them: Gabrielle Douglas, Sha’Carri Richardson, (somewhat) Simone Biles, (somewhat) Naomi Osaka…ain’t nobody gone be left soon enough. Miss USA Chelsie Cryst was also bullied on social media, though of course I can’t speak to exactly what caused her demise. It’s a combination of things most likely.

The world doesn’t care about Chris Rock. They, people of all races, wanted to have an opportunity to feel powerful, flex and bully another person (Will Smith) to near death. But go awf though, miserable ass people.

Social media ruins life. Before the Will Smith incident I was off here for 6 months, and said nothing could ever make me post again.

My life is a trillion times better when I stay off social media and listen, Google is very messy too! If I’m Googling something I don’t need toxic news articles popping up in my search.

Twitch, Stephen Boss

Written December 16, 2022 FB

Apparently, Twitch’s last IG Live:

He made a video where he literally named many of the Black people who met a demise like 15 year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.Then he mentioned the comments he gets. When I first heard about Twitch, Chelsi Smith the Miss USA lady, Regina King’s son, my first thoughts were “What type of online comments were they reading? What were they posting? Were they involved in Black equality work?

-Stephen Twitch Boss cared deeply and was working to make a difference, a difference that never seems to come. Anti-Black racism is getting worse.

Thanks to social media, Black people are becoming more ravenously vile towards other Blk people (from Will Smith to Brittney Griner, Meghan Thee Stallion, Deion Sanders, ShaCarri Richardson etc). It’s always the harmless ones that people harass.

I’ve concluded that the h@tred for Black lives is practically supernatural. It’s too powerful to fight against and stay sane. It became spiritual warfare for me.

I’m not professing to know precisely what made Twitch take his precious life. Most likely it was a combination of factors, including the never-ending injustices against Black people. Even if you, like me, have a loving marriage and supportive wonderful family, the world’s hatred makes every breath too painful for some of us. These “Nice, I care, you matter, reach out to me messages” not gonna cut it. There needs to be action and accountability against all the violence in this country. Not gonna happen though, so there are tough choices to make. And none of those choices are easy or perfect

A Black Child’s Worth is Greater than Your Rules

Written July 2, 2021, FB

Dear Black Teens,

“Rules are rules” is false. Don’t listen to these powerless “respectability, responsibility, and accountability” older Black people who want to keep you in chains just because that’s all they know, is being in chains, and never breathing free.

Rules are made to be broken, rules always evolve and change, and many rules and laws are completely unjust and unethical. Those are the laws that are supposed to be attacked by Black adults, instead Black adults spend their time online attacking Black children who fall victim to useless sports rules and unethical school rules that fuel the school-to-prison pipeline.

The only way things will get better is when you know you deserve better. When you know you deserve the best. Laws are rules are human-made & ain’t no other human better than you! Remember that. Laws are flawed.

I just can’t figure out why so many Black adults are so hateful towards Black young people. Perhaps, they never had anyone in power to extend them grace. But, that gives them no right to project their bitterness and pain on to Sha’Carri and other young Black people who are brave enough to chase their dreams!!

Throughout my life as an academic, I have had so much mercy and grace extended to me by people in power. You are worthy of the same.

Stop Trying to Humble Young Black People

Sha’Carri didn’t do anything wrong. So many respectability Black folk, “Rules are rules.” NOOOO Not when those rules are arbitrary and based on criminalizing only certain demographics. Slavery is a rule. Police being allowed immunity is a “rule.” I swear I hate obedient Negroes who believe in whitey’s rules just because whitey said so. Who are they? Eff their rules. Too many Black people can’t fathom that the white man is NOT god. All this mess can burn, all of it. It will be disappointing if athletes obey the “no protesting” rules. Man, eff the IOC

Even worse is the fact that she didn’t find out about her mother’s passing until a rabid reporter said so right before a race? Just how can they continue to be more beastly and racist than ever before. Tired. And I’m certain there’s so ethical rule that states family should be notified before a journalist blasts confidential information like that.

July 15, 2021, FB

Black adults think just because “they grown” that young people should respect them, hell no. You spend all day cowering to white people, you don’t deserve respect.

Black teens don’t owe Black folk shit and the more they do the OPPOSITE of what Black people tell them then the better off they will be. I’m not watching that Victoria Secrets video, btw

Any group of people who won’t go to jail or die for their young is frankly not even worth living. Every animal in the animal kingdom fights for their young & for themselves. It’s basic biology.

But they be ready to whup Black kids, call for “accountability” for young Sha’carri, justify the killing of Ma’Khia but be like “We can’t fight white people back or we going to jail.” What a freakin joke of a race

Quote from Sha’Carri Richardson: “I’m Not Back, I’m Better!”

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