Foul: The Explosive Interest in the WNBA

Some quick thoughts from my FB page:
(Fake WNBA Interest)
It’s a shame but oh so American that people are only paying attention to women’s basketball and the WNBA because of the media’s anti-Black coverage, portraying ole girl as their yt savior & portraying the Black & Brown girls as villains.
I really do hate that the media even exists. Hell, TV & Internet too. Ok anyway…

As someone who was a true WNBA fan and watched the very 1st historical game & first few seasons when hardly no else in the country was watching…as well as Brittney Griner being my favorite player, what a sham & shame that the country is only tuning in because of terroristic coverage by the media & terroristic behavior by social media.


Angel Reese! Bayou Barbie. And while the WNBA is about to explode, I want to remind everyone, not that anyone asked, lol, that I watched the very 1st WNBA game and seasons when hardly no one else was watching.
I hope that one day the unethical media can be held accountable for their hate mongering “reporting” & something needs to change regarding social media (white, Black, any color) users who do nothing but harass Black athletes and other Black figures, and these “fans” in the stands need to be handled as well.

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